Ideal Charities

Why do we have a charities arm of our business?  For years Ben and I have been talking about different organizations or causes we love and would love to contribute to.  We have a big list of organizations we have researched that we feel are honest and doing important work.  We have contributed personally over the years but have always yearned to do more. Part of the reason we started this business is the feeling that we could use it to do more to succor those in need in a greater magnitude then we could personally.  So, from the VERY START we have implemented our strategy to give and do more.

How does it work?

Ideal Design & Building gives 10% of our annual income to charities. We also work closely with trade partners to work out a strategy that can benefit those who need it. 

Typically, a sub-contractor, or seller of product, gives away product or services in exchange for mentions on social media or other outlets as a part of their marketing strategy.  They then give a predetermined kickback from the referrals they get from those mentions to the company who mentioned them. 

Though common and decent, this strategy just ins’t our favorite.  We want to course products and services for our clients that are truly worth their money.  There are so many amazing products and tradespeople that we would love to work with.  But it’s hard for us to truly trust that a product is “totally worth it” when the reviewer hasn’t paid for it.  Handing over your hard-earned cash for something, we believe, is what determines if it’s totally worth it.  And if we are not willing to do that, we don’t ask our clients to do it either. 

Here are just a few charities that we love