Ben Anderton : General Contractor

There is a good enough intro to highlight this awesome man.   He can do math in his head. He loves to solve problems, figure out the best way to accomplish things, and can do so with kindness and respect. He is wildly intent on doing a great job. He can see the big picture and cares about the small details.  He is also amazing at understanding scale and the spacial capacitates of a space without even pulling his tape measure out. (Though I know he will always measure twice and make a drawing just to be sure). You won’t ever be a client without a name or priority to him.  It’s not in his nature to be that way. 

Katelyn Anderton : Interior Designer

I love to see beautiful spaces function for an individual, or the individuals that make up a family.  Design is multifaceted and can be hand tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.  I believe a home should feel comfortable, physically and emotionally, and design can help set the stage for those feelings to abound.  I love fulfilling the unique needs of a clients by designing a beautiful space that works for THEM, not a space that they work in or around. 

Why Work with Both of Us?

The benefit of using us both though is best illustrated with a story. Have you heard of draft horses?  The famous Clydesdales you see at Christmastime are one type. They are BIG horses.  Alone, they can pull up to 8,000 pounds. You would assume that 2 draft horses can pull double together, right? Actually, no. Together they can pull 24,000 pounds—that’s 3x what one can do alone! Even more astounding is that when 2 draft horses have been trained together and are accustomed to working together, they 4x their individual pulling capacity to reach 32,000 pounds.


While we are not draft horses, we know that our capacity and creativity quadruples when we work together.  We have been through some hard things, as we know you all have been, and we have been training together in the sweetest and most difficult parts of life.  We enjoy being with one another and have discovered that working together not only brings us a great amount of joy, it also brings 4x the value to our clients.